Hcg Diet Facts you must know before you start out

The New hCG Diet – Lose 1lb a Day

Is the hCG Diet Safe or a Dangerous Fad?

The hCG diet is sweeping the globe. According to those who follow it, with hCG diet drops, you can lose weight, contour your body by shedding fat in all the right places and still feel great.

Weight loss of 1-2lb a day is the often-quoted figure, and there are A LOT of dieters who back that up as being more than a realistic goal. Others claim the hCG is a fad, and, even worse, possibly dangerous. So, what is the truth of the matter?

First, let’s look at:

How Does the hCG Diet Work?

hcg is produced during pregnancy
hCG (full name, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy that controls both their weight and the health of their children. The plan combines drops of hCG with a 500 calorie per day diet. The hCG drops not only act as an appetite suppressant, but help the body shed stubborn fat in the areas of the body where usually it is the hardest to shift. hCG blasts fat in key trouble areas like the upper arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks, while preserving muscle.

The diet itself is quite lenient and easy to follow within those 500 calories, though dieters are encouraged to choose organic meats, vegetables and fish. Foods to be avoided are carbs, dairy, alcohol and sugar.

More Information on hCG Drops

There are typically 3 phases to the hCG diet plan:

Phase 1 (usually lasting 2 days) – take hCG drops under the tongue 3 times daily, but eat normally.

Phase 2 – follow the diet protocol, restricting calories to 500 and following the guidelines regarding the proper balance of proteins, fruits and vegetables. This phase lasts for between 20-45 days. Advocates of the diet report that the restrictive diet combined with hCG literally melts away unwanted fat during this period, without hunger pangs or loss of energy.

Phase 3 – gradually reduce intake of the hCG drops and gradually increase consumption of food.

Unlike several diets, it is important to note that dieters on the hCG diet report that once the weight is off, it stays off once they return to normal eating.

Why The hCG Diet Works

The history of the hCG diet actually dates back to the 1950s, when Dr A.T.W. Simeons (who was researching the hormone in India) noticed that poor pregnant women, who would be considered malnourished by western
hcg review before after results
standards, still produced healthy, well nourished babies.

Following continued studies, he discovered that HCG made the body consume ‘bad fat’ first when the body sensed it was on a low calorie diet. Muscle and ‘healthy fat’ would be preserved, while unsightly, unwanted fat would be used as energy.

Which is Best, hCG Drops or Injections?

The short answer to this question is that as long as they are real hCG, it doesn’t matter. There are so many fake hCG products around that it can be somewhat of a minefield to know where to go next. It’s definitely worth going with a reputable company to get your hCG supplies.

However, the choice between hcg shots and drops is largely down to personal preference. At Diet Supplement Review, we prefer hCG drops simply because they are more convenient and cost effective – no messy, painful shots to administer yourself, or daily visits to a doctor required.

Dr Oz Testimonials

Although the hCG diet is still very controversial, there are several success stories over at the Dr Oz website.

“I used the HCG diet in August last year & it worked great for me. I didn’t feel hungry, enjoyed the food & had more energy. I only wanted to lose 10kgs & did so in 23 days & have never put it back on. Was great!” – CH

“It has been working great for me! I am down 21lbs in 32 days! Feel great! High energy and feeling better about myself!” – NRD

“My sister had has great results and it has lasted, plus her energy level and attitude on life has become more positive. My niece also had great results. They used the drops and the diet.” – JM

“I have used HCG clinically for over 8 years with patients, I have never come across side effects, and have always found the program to be successful. At the end of the day like any weight loss program the emotional issues associated with weight gain should always be addressed for long term lasting change.” – Dr DM

Hcg drops side effects

Fine Muscle-building Rules

Are you fortunate enough to be born as a mesomorph? A mesomorph is someone who naturally has a lean body, high muscle mass density and medium rate metabolism. Or, do you happen to be an ectomorph (petite, minimal muscle mass) or a mesomorph (rounded high fat mass level)? Well, no matter what your body type is, you have to know that your body type does not dictate your future in muscle-building. In the end, if you really want to have bigger and stronger muscles, the determining factor is your determination to achieve that goal, not your body type, your age or your gender (although these three can have a significant effect on the rate at which the goal is achieved).

If you are really interested to get started, then you will have to follow the rules, or else, all efforts will be futile. The rules are:

1. Focus on being stronger.

Science has already established it: there is a direct relationship between physical strength and muscle mass. If you want to grow bigger muscles, you have to concentrate on making your body strong. Endurance exercises, weight lifting and regular muscle strength endurance tests will help you get through this rule. To be strong, you have to focus on what you eat too. It is in the nutrients that you get from your food that your body will be able to product muscle fibers which are important for muscle growth. The diet should be very high in protein (1bout 40% of all foods taken in), good carbohydrates and healthy fats. Check for HCG drops side effects if you are into this program. When you are focus into this direction, you will surely achieve what many people cannot. So, do not proceed to rule number 2 if you are not sure where you stand in rule number 1.

2. Do not complicate your body-building exercises.

There is a reason why the basic body-building exercises remained in use until these days. Basic exercises are effective and when done properly, these exercises are your ticket to extreme body-building. Here are some basic exercises:

- Squats and deadlifts
- Bench presses (flat, close grip)
- Barbell curls (while standing up)
- Lying extensions
- Barbell presses (while standing up)

3. Do not under-sleep.

If you are using homeopathic hcg, one of the most common effects to the body is sleep deprivation. Many other weight loss and muscle gain drugs have the same side effect. However, sleep is one of the most important factors of a healthy lifestyle. Not getting enough of it means that you are still unhealthy somehow. In the case of body building, sleep helps the body repair the muscle cells that might have been damaged because of the strenuous exercises. Without the right amount of sleep, muscle repair would be impossible and whatever effort given will all be wasted. Each person, whether a body-builder or not should have 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

4. Do not miss a workout.

It is important that you do not stop break the routine because your body is a very smart machine. It will stop growing muscles if it feels that you do not need it anyway. Thus, in order to keep the muscles growing, rest and workout should have a definite schedule.

Before man discovered artificial drugs to aid him in muscle-building, he has already known of the basic. Diet pills and other similar products have been developed to complicate what has been otherwise straightforward and obvious. The author believes that natural methods of maintaining a healthy body have no substitute.

How to Set Your Mind to be Healthy

It's amazing what a simple daily exercise can do. Do you know how many people struggle to get the weight they have always wanted simply because they lack the right motivation to get up and sweat? But, if you know how to motivate yourself to spend at least a couple of your precious minutes doing some physical activities, then you can go a long way.

We all know how to keep our bodies strong and healthy. We all learned that way back in grade school. We can say by heart that all that we need to do in order to be in the best shape possible is to follow the right path: eating healthy, regular exercise, good sleep and a positive mindset. But why are all these things too difficult to do? The missing link is called "motivation".

Then, if motivation is the solution, we just need to know how to grab it and use it to our advantage. Instead of losing ourselves to products that promise us instant weight loss like the HCG 5000, focus yourself on improving the way you communicate with your mind.

The natural human response towards exercise, especially if it has never been part of the lifestyle being lived for many years, are these:

1. Exercise will make you gasp for air every time.
2. The pain you will get after you exercise will be excruciating.
3. Your muscles will ache after an exercise and you will not be able to do the other stuff that you have to do.
4. Exercises can only make you feel light headed, burned out and exceedingly tired, so why bother.

From an average person's point of view, if the descriptions above refer to regular exercise, definitely the only picture painted in the mind is idiotic and intended discomfort. So, why would they even proceed? But, do you know that it is this kind of mindset that makes it too difficult for many to even try and know if these things are true? Because as far as I know, when exercise is properly executed, it is painless and fun.

So, instead of these thoughts, think about exercise this way:

1. That exercise will make your body leaner and stronger.
2. That a regular exercise will make you have good night sleeps.
3. That when you are regularly moving your body, you will enjoy your food more.
4. That you will feel good about yourself after you get the results that you want.

Do not rely on the possibility of having to use artificial drugs to achieve all these things. Remember that artificial drugs may be effective in some way, but they always have side effects which may not be healthy for you. For example, the HCG diet meal plan includes mood swings and acne attacks. If you want to start right, then start with what's natural.

In order to get things started, buy a pair of good shoes and some really cool sports outfit. Many people get excited to wear clothes that make them feel good and that drives them to wear them and use them. In the same way a lady gets excited to wear the little black dress that she picked up herself, you too will be excited to try your sports gear on.
The author works as a freelance writer. She has authored hundreds of weight loss articles already and topics about drugs used in burning like the HCG diet program are among her favorites. She has 2 children, one is 10 and the other is 15.

Latest Methods to Lose Weight Fast

Are you like the many others who would do anything just to lose weight with just a snap? Are you too busy to even begin the exercise program your gym trainer outlined for you? Do you want burn those layers of fats that have long caused you shame? If you happen to say yeas to all these questions, then perhaps, this article can help you. I will not give you reasons to use weight loss drugs and the hcg food list so please manage your expectations. Given below are three of the most effective weight loss methods that I have used over the last few years. If you are interested to know how I maintain my 110-pound weight after giving birth to 3 wonderful boys, then read further.

Here are my suggestions:

1. The best weapon against being fat is to have self-control. Many people gain so much weight because they do not control themselves; they easily give in to the cravings of their tongue as if their brain is in there. If you want to lose weight and keep your weight in your desired level, then control your eating behavior and observe a healthy diet. I do not mean to encourage you to go on rush and fad diets. What I am saying here is that you go back to the basics: eat fruits and vegetables, avoid bad foods and drink plenty of water. That's the simplest way to have a good looking body.

2. Be physically active. I get it, you know that already but you never tried doing it because it is time consuming and boring. But you know what, you got it all wrong. There are so many physical activities that you can do that does not have to cost you too much of your precious time. For example, while you watch the television, why not hop into a treadmill or any portable exercise machine? You can also use the stairs in your office instead of using the elevator. You can walk into the nearest cafeteria to have your lunch instead of having your food delivered to your office. The ways are countless; all that you need to do is to develop an open mind to see these ways. Then you will give me the second reason, physical activities are boring. Well, guess what, you are wrong again. There are activities that will make you sweat a lot but will not make you cry out because of boredom. You can ask your friends for a bicycling adventure or you can go swimming together. Outdoor activities are fun ways to have physical activities. You can also engage yourself in sports, not with video sports games but with the real thing. That way, you will be able to get two benefits: (1) you can lose an incredible amount of weight and (2) you will increase the endurance of your heart.

3. This last suggestion is my personal secret. I eat sea kelp. I started adding sea kelp in my diet when I bore my second baby. I heard from an international health channel that a team of scientists conducted a series of experiments on sea kelp and found out that it’s effect to the body is similar to hcg diet food list. It is said to contain a substance that can help reduce weight.

The author has always been proud of her 110-pound body. She enjoys the great outdoors and is a huge advocate against the use of artificial weight loss drugs. She argues that people should focus their resources and their energy on the natural methods of weight loss rather than rely on the possible HCG effects to fulfill their dreams of having that healthy and lean body.

5 Physical Fitness Components

Physical fitness is composed of 5 known components. Physical fitness evaluation done in schools, fitness centers and other health clubs are strongly based on these components. These are:
scular endurance because of the similarity of their nature.  Other examples of muscular endurance tests can be performed using the elliptical and step machines.

5. Body composition

Body fat index or the amount of fat present in the body can be compared to the amount of the lean muscles, bones and organs in the body. The resulting ratio is called the body composition ratio. Since it is difficult to measure the weight of each of the elements that compose the human body, this ratio is measured through underwater weighing. Other equipments like the Skinfold reader and the bioelectrical impedance device are also used. This last component is often the least tested component because of the cost of the equipments needed to perform the tests.

Why are these tests important?

The five components given above determine the overall health condition of the body. Knowing where you stand in these five component tests will help you in determining the aspects of your physical condition. You might be able to use the results to assess if you need additional help to maintain your weight (like the HCG weight loss program). The possibilities are actually endless but you will not be able to take advantage of anything unless you know the actual condition of your body.

Always keep in mind that your body is your most precious asset. You can make a lot of things possible if you have a healthy body. Thus, activities that seek to improve your physical condition are always worth the time and the effort, no matter what age you are.

The author is an athlete trainer duly certified by NATA and NCSF, two of the most widely-known physical fitness organization in the country. She does not agree that physical fitness should be aided by artificial drugs like what is done in a HCG diet program and the other programs like it. Get to know the author more by following the link given.